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“Border Companies” Ltd. is a manufacturer of ladies’, men’s and children’s knitted sweaters, vests, dresses and accessories. We use materials from 100% wool or cotton, and blends them with artificial fibers.

Our models are distinguished by quality and originality.

The company was founded in 2007 and within the first two years of its existence, managed to create a closed cycle of production, all the development is financed by the manufacturing company’s product.

The staff is 30 people. We have knitting machines Shima Seiki -12-thou Fine. Our monthly capacity is from 7,000 to 9,000 units, depending on the complexity of the model.
We specialize in developing and producing small and medium series, Model was developed from sketches, samples, pictures or description. Developing seasonal collections and their sales reps to all customers. We offer the end user device and a complete product, which includes all materials and equipment needed for its preparation.

Almost all our production is oriented towards export markets – Italy, France, Germany, Holland and others.
We have three technologists programming knitting and two to develop patterns.
We have the opportunity and resources to adapt quickly from one model to another.